Sunday, August 28, 2011


Ugh school starts tomorrow. I am excited toc my friends but I don't want to start school. Hopefu,ly. Y teachers aren't too mean to us. I have a perverted science teacher though. He looks down girls shirts and looks up their skirts.


Today i am going to talk about myBBFL. Her name is Stephanie Head. She is the best friend anyone could ever wish for. She as always been there for me and I trust her with every secret I have ever had. I have known her for nine years and I don't regret anything in those nine years. She complete my other half. She knows how to make me happy when I'm down. I couldn't have asked for anything more than her. If u ever have known her u will know what I am talking about. LOVE U STEPH'!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Ok guys r hot and great and everything but some aren't. Some r just big jerks. Ok I have seen a lot of hots guys but they r all jerks. I guess thats how it works. The hot ones are mean, the okish ones r nice, and the ugly ones r too nice!!!!!


Horseback was great today. I got to c my horse Oreo. She was so sweet today unlike last week. Last week she was horrible bc she was in heat( if u don't know wht that is just leave a comment) but today she was a sweetheart. Lee is a guy horse and he is probably the most stubborn horse there. When I lunge him ( put them on a rope and canter or trot and walk them in circle to wear them out.) he pullsand drags me around the arena. Oh well

Why Respond?

Ok what really confuses me is when u r talking to someone and they r obsessing about something and try to tell them just to forget about, they r like "would u stop ok? I get it just stop it" so then u stop texting em and the next day they respond hey. Its like y should I respond if u just told me stop texting u yesterday? It's like they forget about it but u just don't want to talk to them and then they get all mad cuz u don't talk to them but seriously ppl thts what u deserve if u gonna do that alll the time. Comment if that has ever happened to u.

Friday, August 26, 2011

My horse!!!!!

Hey if u scroll to the bottom of my page u can c my horse Oreo!!!!!!! Isn't she adorable?!?! She is the sweetest!

Hurricane Irene Deadlier

Ok I'm watching this Hurricane Irene special and 65 million ppl r in her path. When the eye if the storm hits there will b winds over 100 miles per hour!! The outter banks r going to b the worst hit. This is going to be a record breaking Hurricane. I can't beileve this, it's crazy. People are going to die during this storm. If ppl don't, God has truly blessed us. This hurricane will be historic and deadly. Our prayers are going out to those 65 million people.

Best Mom

My mom just spent $100 on me at JC Penny's! love her!


Once i was desperated for a bf. Now that i have seen what they do to my friends, im not desperate anymore. it changes my friends. sometimes even a silly crush will crush my friends. im really worried about this year. sure i will have a crush but im not going to go crazy to go out with him. my one friend is freaking out right now bc a guys she rlly likes doesnt like her back. she was sooo mad at him. but it wasnt his fault he liked someone else at the time. i have witnessed what it has done to my friends and its scared the crap out of me. post a comment if u feel the same!

Hurricane Irene

Ok seriously this hurricane is sounding deadlier and deadlier by the minute. im praying for all u ppl on the east coast!!!